Summer Pickleball

Programs And Events
– Learn to Play Clinics
– Round Robins
– Privately booked court time*
– Contract Time
– More events to come as interest supports

Events and schedule updates will be announced via Instagram, Facebook and email list. We limit spots to ensure everyone gets quality playing time.

We have a limited supply of paddles for those who would like to try the sport.

How to Register for Most Pickleball Events 

All signups for round robins, Learn to Play Clinics, Skills ‘n Drills are online through STACK TEAM APP. You can join STACK TEAM APP on your computer or your smart phone. You first must JOIN Stack Team App. Once you’ve done that, you can see all active events.

Contract Time: If you’d like contract time, please email with your information and the day of week and time you’d like.

Personal Courts: If you’d like to book a court, contact


Drill ‘n Play Clinics

Led by a PPR Certified Coach

Drill ‘n Play include drills led by a coach with time for game play at the end.

Open Play

Tentatively by Levels

Open play time allows people to come and go as they please within the time frame. People will be rotated in as people come off the court.

Round Robins

Level Play

Round Robin play is timed, organized play with a specific number of people led by a host. You will play with – and against – different players throughout the scheduled time.

Contract Time

Contract time is a specific day and time of the week that a group of people

privately contract 1 to 3 courts for a period of time.

Learn to Play Clinics & Practice Play

Group learn to play clinics with time to practice what you’ve learned. Everything you need to feel comfortable joining in the Open Play and Round Robins.

Coaching & Lessons

Private and group coaching and lessons will be available. Fees may vary by coach.

Personal Court Booking

Some court time will be available for ad hoc booking.