Junior Development 2 (TTA)

Tournament Training Academy.

These tennis clinics are designed for the more advanced junior player. The goal is to challenge these juniors, while fine tuning basics of the game, such as serve, volley and ground strokes. As players progress, we will focus on strategy, conditioning and mental focus. Our dedicated coaches will help your child feel more confident and comfortable with match play and help them advance their tennis game.

There are 7  six-week sessions. See Club for Session start dates.

Level 1
This program is tailored to juniors aged 12-16 with limited experience but interested in playing on their high school team. A basic understanding and exposure to the game is expected, but we will expand on the basics for success on the court.
Monday: 5pm – 6pm
Wednesday: 5pm – 6pm

5 week session (Mon. or Wed.) – $115/session
5 week double session (Mon. and Wed.) – $200/session
(Family discounts available)

Level 2
For the junior who understands basic singles and doubles strategy, and who is now ready for more complex skills and technical development.
Monday 3:30-5pm
Wednesday 3:30-5pm

5 week session (Mon. or Wed.) – $150/session
5 week double session (Mon. and Wed.) – $250/session

Level 3
A junior of this level is creating their own offense in both singles and doubles, and is actively seeking competition on a regular basis at the High School level.
Tuesday 4:30-6pm
Thursday 4:30-6pm

5 week session: (Tues. or Thurs.) – $150/session
5 week double session (Tues. and Thurs.) – $250/session

Level 4
This junior is playing at the highest level available, competing in USTA events, junior team tennis and high school level competitions
Tuesday 3-4:30pm
Thursday 3-4:30pm

5 week session (Tues. or Thurs.) – $150/session
5 week double session (Tues. and Thurs.) – $250/session

All players are subject to approval and class placement by our tennis professionals. As players progress they may have an opportunity to move up to a higher level during a session.

Family discounts (2 or more players from the same family) are available upon request.

Full payment is required prior to the start of the first class.

Questions? Contact Us.