Pickleball is now at Newburyport Tennis Club!

We are beyond excited to add pickleball to Newburyport Tennis Club’s sports roster. Our three outdoor pickleball-only (no fighting with tennis and basketball lines!) courts opened in 2021 and are open from June into October. 

Four courts of indoor pickleball are available at select times from November through April.

In the Summer we can help you learn how to play, improve your game with Drill ‘n Play Clinics, and give you lots of playing time with Open Play by Levels, Contract Time, Round Robins and special events. Private and group lessons are available from PPR Certified Pickleball Coaches. The Club also has a USPA Certified Level 1 Referee available.

Our indoor pickleball includes Contract Time, Round Robins by Level, Open Play by Level, lessons and more.

Programs and Events

– Learn to Play Clinics
– Drill ‘n Play Clinics by Level
– Private court time for your own group
– Contract Time
– Open Play by Level

We also have special events including Pickleball Pro Exhibitions, the Annual Renee Corcoran Pickleball Event, in-house leagues and more.


All signups for Open Play, Round Robins, Learn to Play Clinics, and Drill ‘n Play Clinics are online through STACK TEAM APP.

Online registrations are required by joining STACK TEAM APP via your phone OR your computer. Go to STACK TEAM APP and search for NTC Pickleball (NOT Newburyport Pickleball). Follow the instructions to register (you do not need to give any credit card information – that is a convincing looking ad). This will register you.
Once you are approved for Stack Team App, you can see schedules and sign up for EVENTS.

PLEASE NOTE: If you sign up for an event and cannot attend, please go back in and change your YES to NO so others can take your spot.

Contract Time & Private Court Time: If you’d like contract time or private court time, please email deb@newburyportpickleball.com with your information and the day of week and time you’d like.

Pickleball updates are announced via facebook, Instagram  and email list. We have separate accounts for NTC Pickleball on our social media and email platforms.

Follow us on facebook.  Follow us on Instagram @ntc_pickleball. Join our email list to stay up-to-date on schedule of events.


Drill ‘n Play Clinics

Drill ‘n Play Clinics are designed to improve your game and focus on skill specific drills led by a PPR Certified Coach. All Clinics end with coached game play at the end of the session.

Open Play by Levels

Open play time by levels allows people to enjoy games with other players at their level. Players can come and go as they please within the time frame. Pre- registration is not required but is highly recommended. People are rotated in as people come off the court.

Round Robins by Level

Round Robin by level is timed, organized play with a specific number of people led by a host. You will play with – and against – different players throughout the scheduled time. Registration and attendance is required as Round Robins require full courts to be run successfully.

Contract Time

Contract time is a specific day and time of the week that a group of people

privately contract 1 to 3 courts for a period of time.

Learn to Play Clinics 

Learn to Play Clinics are for those people who have never played pickleball or those who are new to the game and want to gain a bit more knowledge, skills and confidence. You will learn everything you need to feel comfortable joining in the Open Play and Round Robins.

Coaching & Lessons

Private and group coaching and lessons are be available from PPR Certified Coaches.

Private Court Booking

Some court time will be available for ad hoc private booking. This is perfect if you have friends of family coming to visit and you’d like to have your own court(s) to play. Also perfect for corporate events, birthday parties and special events.

Deb DiPietro

Director of Pickleball and PPR Certified Pickleball Coach

After being introduced to pickleball 5 years ago, Deb quickly became a pickleball enthusiast. Her background in tennis, pickleball and training gives her a unique approach in teaching the game of pickleball from beginners to advanced players.

Deb oversees the Club’s ever-growing pickleball schedule, teaches people how to play pickleball and coaches in drill clinics, group and private lessons.

You can email deb at Deb@NewburyportPickleball.com.